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Maryland Quiz
1. How many counties does Maryland have?

A. 24, including Baltimore City
B. 33, including Baltimore City
C. 15, including Baltimore City
2. Which was Maryland’s first county?

A. Queen Anne’s County
B. Calvert County
C. St. Mary’s County
3. Who composed the “Star Spangled Banner”?

A. Stephen Decatur
B. Francis Scott Key
C. William Pinkney
4. Where did Francis Scott Key write our national anthem?

A. Gettysburg
B. Fort McHenry
C. Annapolis
5. What town served as Maryland’s first capital?

A. St. Mary’s City
B. Baltimore
C. Rockville
6. The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal went from where to where?

A. Chesapeake Bay to Cleveland, Ohio
B. Washington, D.C. to Cumberland, Maryland
C. Chesapeake Bay to Cincinnati, Ohio
7. Where is Maryland's State Fair held?

A. Salisbury
B. Timonium
C. Annapolis
8. How many seats does Maryland have in the U.S. House of Representatives?

A. 18
B. 8
C. 28
9. Who founded the colony of Maryland?

A. Lord Baltimore
B. Christopher Columbus
C. Francis Scott Key
10. Where is the Maryland State House?

A. Baltimore
B. Annapolis
C. Bethesda
11. Which families represent the colors on the Maryland State Flag?

A. The Crosslands and the Grandmaisons
B. The DuShanes and the Calverts
C. The Calverts and the Crosslands
12. The U.S. Frigate Constellation was built in what year?
A. 1765
B. 1797
C. 1860
13. Is Deep Creek Lake Maryland's largest freshwater lake?
A. Yes
B. No
14. Which of these is NOT one of Maryland's other nicknames?
A. The Old Line State
B. The Free State
C. The Oriole State
15. How long is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge?
A. 4.3 miles
B. 5 miles
C. 3.5 miles
  CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are finished!

Answer Guide:
1. A
2. C
3. B
4. B
5. A
6. B
7. B
8. B
9. A
10. B
11. C
12. B
13. A
14. C
15. A