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Transportation in and around Maryland


[Chesapeake Bay bridges]


(In Virginia)


[Library of Congress logo]
in Maryland's Transportation History
From the Library of Congress

The Great Train From Clayton To Easton [train]

[Route 40 road sign]

The National Road
begun in Cumberland in 1806, was the nation's chief route west for many years.

[Route 50 sign]
Starts in OCEAN CITY MD & goes to Sacramento CA - 3073 miles


[Francis Scott Key Bridge]
Francis Scott Key Bridge

[Fort McHenry Tunnel]


[Baltimore Harbor Tunnel]
Baltimore Harbor Tunnel

Thanks to MDOT for use of the photograph

Canal in Winter 2003
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal
a national historical park a pathway into history, nature and recreation (Montgomery County)


Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum - where the stories of the Bay and its people come alive! (Talbot County)

Calvert Marine Museum
 Calvert Marine Museum - where the stories of the Bay and its people come alive! (Calvert County)



Chesapeake & Ohio Canal
Celebrates 150 Years


[Canton Railroad logo]

[B & O Railroad logo]

[Western Maryland Railway logo]

Western Maryland Railway

Thunder Mountain - A train ride that covers a 1,300 foot change in elevationglimpses of scenery hidden for decades300 years of history tied together by a ribbon of steel (Allegany County) Goddard Space Flight Center - has mission responsibility for Earth Science, Space Science, and Technology (Prince George's County)