Mick Blackistone
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Mick Blackistone comes from a long line of Marylanders. His ancestors settled on the lower Potomac River in 1634.

He is very interested in the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay and works hard to improve the bay's environment. He is the vice president of government relations for the National Marine Manufacturers Association and serves on several committees and councils on boating issues. In 1992, the [then] governor of Maryland, William Donald Schaefer, honored Blackistone with the distinction of "Admiral of the Chesapeake" for his work at promoting environmental awareness and recreational boating.

The award-winning author has written seven books for children and adults.

One of his books is Broken Wings Will Fly and is illustrated by Carolyn Heyd Wharton. It's about Sally and her dog Tucker who often sat on a hill overlooking the water and watched her friends sailing their boats. But instead of joy and pleasure, the sight filled her with pain and anger, because Sally was sitting in a wheelchair as a result of a car accident.

At the doctor's office she met a brave man who had discovered that his wheelchair needn't be a prison. And then Tucker found a little duck with a broken wing hiding in the yard. This unlikely pair taught Sally that with help from others, a determination to succeed, and lots of hard work, miracles can happen.

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