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David & Zora Aiken

David Bell
[Edna Bender]
Edna Bender
Esther Bender
[Black-eyed Susan]
Mick Blackistone
Fred Bowen
[Fred Bowen]
Mary Bowman-Kruhm
[Mary Bowman-Kruhm]
Elaine Bunting
[Elaine Bunting]
  Howard Burns
Children's Literature
Web Guide
Maryland's Poet Laureate

Michael Collier
Jane Leslie Conly
[Jane Leslie Conly]
Priscilla Cummings]
Priscilla Cummings
Patricia D'Amario
[Patricia D'Amario]
Jeff Dombek
[Laurel Elderkin Graham]
Laurel Elderkin Graham
Twig C. George
[Twig C. George]
Carla Golembe

Mary Downing Hahn

[Mary Downing Hahn]

[cover of book by M. C. Helldorfer]
M. C. Helldorfer
[Karen Hesse]
Karen Hesse
Ann Jensen

Mona Kerby
[Annette Curtis Klause]
Annette Curtis Klause
[Bianca Lavies]
Bianca Lavies
[Jennifer Leese]
Jennifer LB Leese
Lynne Lockhart
[Lynne Lockhart]
  Sallie Lowenstein
Alice McGill
[Alice McGill
Margaret Meacham
[Margaret Meacham]
Ogden Nash]
Ogden Nash
Phyllis Naylor
[Phyllis Naylor]
Lois P. Nicholson
[Lois P. Nicholson]
[Jerdine Nolen]
Jerdine Nolen
[book cover] Did you know that Rass Island in Jacob Have I Loved (A Newbery Award winner by Katherine Paterson ), is really Maryland's Smith Island in Somerset County?
Lisa O'Connell
[Kevin O'Malley]
Kevin O'Malley

Read The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Did you know that the Baltimore Ravens were named for Poe's poem?

Barry Louis Polisar
[Barry Louis Polisar]

Marcy Dunn Ramsey
[Rebecca Rector]
Rebecca Rector
[book cover]
Mary Rubin
Syl Sobel
[Syl Sobel]
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[Richard Stack]
Richard Stack & Recess
Carolyn Stearns
[Carolyn Stearns]

Lois Szymanski
[Peggy Thomson]
Peggy Thomson
Valerie Tripp
[Valerie Tripp]
[Cynthia Voigt]
Cynthia Voigt
[Carolyn Heyd Wharton]
Carolyn Heyd Wharton
[Diane White-Crane
Diane White-Crane

David Wisniewski
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Wild Ponies in Maryland
Larry Points
[photo: Larry Points]
Marguerite Henry

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