Howard Burns
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Howard Burns was originally from Cleveland, Ohio. He has had a long and interesting career as an artist/illustrator. He was honored as (when he was a teenager) by having one of his drawings exhibited at the Cleveland Museum of Art Annual May Show and went on to graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design. Further studies took him to Stockholm, where he received a Certificate and an Award for Excellence from the Kunstfackskolan.

Settling in New York, his paintings were sold from galleries. He also created illustrations for some of the early science fiction magazines. Howard did biological illustrations for textbooks; served as Art Director of two magazines; and served as book designer of technical and nonfiction book.

In 1984, he and his family moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where they founded the Eastern Shore Tea Co. As president and designer/illustrator, Howard created over seventy different labels for their own original tea formulas. He sold the company two years ago to Baltimore Coffee & Tea, in Lutherville.

Books Illustrated by Howard Burns

  • The Boy Who Saved the Town - Barnaby Sharpe's tree climbing leads him to a brilliant idea to outwit the British in the War of 1812. And that leads to his becoming a hero. This story of a young boy who was smarter than the grown-ups is a great morale booster for children and a pleasure for them to share with their parents.

  • Captain Tugalong - When Captain Tugalong was new, he traveled up and down the harbor directing big ships in and out safely. Now tied in his slip, Tugalong could feel his cabin jiggle with broken glass and cracked wood. One day Tugalong saw a most beautiful sight: a lovely sleek sailboat was coming toward him sparkling in the noonday sun. As Captain Tugalong and Sun Dancer (Sunnie for short) become friends, the old salt teaches the novice sailboat all about boating safety, and the youthful readers of Captain Tugalong learn the ropes at the same time. Here are all the basics of nautical knowledge: nomenclature, safety equipment, rules of the road, and methods for handling emergencies at sea.

  • Ghosts and Haunted Houses of Maryland - Maryland is "alive" with the deadghosts, haunted houses, and things that go bump in the day as well as the night. This is a collection of twenty-five of the most fascinating accounts of the supernatural in the state, from the flatlands of the Eastern Shore to the mountains of western Maryland. You'll read ghost tales that are as varied as Maryland's topography. You'll meet characters like the infamous slave kidnapper, Patty Cannon, and the controversial Dr. Samuel Mudd.

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