Parris N. Glendening, Governor

Parris N. Glendening has been Governor of Maryland since 1995. Mr. Glendening is an educator and author in government and politics, and a local elected official in Prince George's County for 20 years. He became Maryland's 59th governor in 1994.

In his first term, Governor Glendening has focused education, expanding the State's economy, safety and security, and the environment.

Working with the 1997 General Assembly, Governor Glendening lowered the income tax rate below 5% for the first time since the 1967. His Smart Growth program to protect the Chesapeake Bay and preserve Maryland's precious farm land and open spaces is a national model, but it is Governor Glendening's support for education that is the centerpiece of his first term. State spending on education increased to $578 million, or by 12% since 1996. Meanwhile, since 1996, more than $408 million has been targeted to expand and modernize schools.

The Governor's efforts to preserve agricultural land and reduce sprawling development make Maryland a leader in environmental planning and management. His legislation achieves important goals: creating jobs and protecting the environment, while using limited taxpayer dollars.

Governor Glendening started a program to ensure that every public school in Maryland is connected to the Internet. An advocate of parent participation in the schools, he continues to volunteer weekly at a local elementary school.

Mr. Glendening attended Florida State University, where he received a bachelor's degree (1964), a master's degree (1965), and a Ph.D. (1967) in political science, becoming the youngest student in FSU history to receive a doctorate. That same year he joined the faculty of the University of Maryland at College Park, where he taught for 27 years, until his election as Governor. His textbooks on government and politics have been used in more than 400 colleges, and he has earned a national reputation for his knowledge in government finance. .

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