Henry Harford
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Henry Harford was born about 1759 in London, England. He was the oldest son of Frederick Calvert, 6th Lord Baltimore. In June 1792, he married Louisa Pigou (?-ca. 1802), daughter of Peter Pigou, Esq. He later married Esther Ryecroft (ca. 1775-1853) in June 1806. He had ten children. Henry Harford was the proprietor of Maryland from 1771 to 1776.

Although Harford inherited the proprietor's rights to lands in Maryland under the will of his father in 1771, the resulting law suits and (Revolutionary) war made his ownership of little value. He died on December 8, 1834, at "Down Place" and was buried in St. Michael's Churchyard, Bray, England. He probably owned a house in London and a country estate near Windsor at the time of his death.

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