Baltimore County
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Baltimore County is located in central Maryland, borders Pennsylvania on the north and encircles Baltimore City on the south like a horseshoe. Most (about 80%) of the county is located in the piedmont plateau with gently rolling hills. The remaining 20% is in the coastal plain region with flat sandy soils. Within its beautiful valleys are located many thoroughbred horse farms . It is the third largest county in the State.

Baltimore County was formed by 1659. At that time it was made up more than one quarter of present-day Maryland and included parts of (or all of) today's Harford Co., Cecil Co., Frederick Co. & Carroll Co. The original county seat was at Spesutia Island, located in Joppa Town. In 1768, the county seat was moved to Baltimore Town. When Baltimore was incorporated as a city, the county seat was moved to its present location in Towson. Since 1851 Baltimore City and Baltimore County have been two completely separate entities.

The county was named for the proprietor's Irish home, and today it is the home of the state's leading wine and horse industries.

  • Below is some interesting census information about Baltimore County. Look at the way the county population has changed over the years!

Population Information for Baltimore County
Population % of MD Population
1790 Census 25,434 8.0%
1890 Census 72,909 7.0%
1990 Census 692,134 14.5%
2000 Census 754,292 14.2%

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