Charles County

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The name of Charles County is a tribute to Charles Calvert, third Lord Baltimore. Calvert lived in Maryland from 1661 until he returned to England in 1684. He was Proprietor of the Maryland colony from 1675 to 1689, when he lost his right to govern. From 1692 until Calvert's death in 1715, Maryland was governed as a royal colony.

The opening of the Potomac River Bridge (Harry W. Nice Bridge) in 1940 brought recognition to Charles County. The county seat is LaPlata.

Below is some interesting census information about Charles County. Look at the way the county population has changed over the years!

Population Information for Charles County
Population % of MD Population
1790 Census 20,613 6.4%
1890 Census 15,191 1.5%
1990 Census 101,154 2.1%
2000 Census 120,546 2.3%

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