Deborah da Costa

Deborah da Costa (a pen name) is the author of the award-winning children's picture book, SNOW IN JERUSALEM, a tale about friendship and caring in today's Middle East. Deborah lives in Columbia, Maryland with her husband and four formerly stray cats. Her two grown children live nearby.

Deborah is a graduate of Ohio State University and Columbia University's Teachers College where she received degrees in international studies, anthropology, remedial reading, and psychology. As a reading specialist, psychologist, educational consultant and classroom teacher, Deborah has developed educational programs to promote multicultural understanding, animal welfare issues, and better educational skills.

Today, Deborah da Costa writes children's books full-time, teaches writing classes at Howard Community College, and visits schools around the country to discuss the writing process and to encourage kindness and understanding toward the people, the land and the animals of the world. She'd love to hear from you! Why not send an e-mail message by clicking on this link?  


Pen name - a name used by an author in place of his or her real name

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