How a Bill Becomes a Law

Note: We have started this bill in the Senate so that the chart appears less complicated. Truly, the bill may be started in the Senate or the House of Delegates and go through the same steps.

Think of an idea for a new law.

Send it to your State Senator.

Then a bill is written to fit into the Laws of Maryland. New Kid (bill) on the Block!
Back to the Senate for more voting

The Committee votes



If the vote is yes . . .

The Committee holds a hearing and people talk about the bill

[team of people working]

The Senate President assigns it to a Committee

If the vote is yes . . .

The bill is sent to the House of Delegates.

More readings and hearings in the house. No

If the vote is yes . . .


It goes to the Governor to sign or veto.
[Governor Ehrlich] Governor Ehrlich signs the bill. New Law

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