Native Americans in Maryland

The first humans arrived by about 10,000 B.C. in the land that would become Maryland. By about 1200, permanent Native-American villages had been established. Les Projets sur les Premiers Habitants du Maryland
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Piscataway Village
Drawing courtesy of Prince George's County History Page
A Day in the Life of
a Maryland Indian

a lesson from the Pride of Baltimore II site
Nanticoke Indian History
The Nanticoke lived in what is now Maryland and Delaware.
The last villages and reservations were lost before 1750.
Learn more about them!
Recipes & More Recipes
2 places you can find a number of recipes probably used by Maryland Native Americans.

While looking for a possible recipe, remember where they lived, what the weather was like and which plants and animals might be available to them for food.
Respect - The Key To Life

by Dave Chief
Grandson of Red Dog
Crazy Horse's Band

This poem is not from Maryland, but probably expresses the Maryland Native Americans' beliefs.

Accohannock Tribe
from Maryland's Eastern Shore.
There is now a Lumbee community in Baltimore.
The tribe originated in North Carolina .
The Native Americans of Maryland :
Great Contributors Underappreciated,
an essay

showing the location of Maryland Native American tribes in the 16th & 17th centuries!
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