Famous People from Maryland
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[Elmo] Elmo! (Kevin Clash) [bullet] Harold Baines
[bullet] Dr. Ben Carson [question mark]
[bullet] Billie Holliday
[bullet]   [bullet] Dr. Samuel A. Mudd - Grave
[bullet] Edward Norton [bullet] Ogden Nash - Signature
[bullet] Harriet Tubman [bullet] Edgar Allan Poe - Grave
[bullet] Henry Blair [bullet] John Hanson
[bullet] Edwin Booth [bullet] Johns Hopkins
[bullet] John Wilkes Booth - Grave [bullet] Spiro Agnew
[bullet] James M. Cain - Signature [bullet] Eubie Blake
[bullet] Charles Albert Tindley
[bullet] Annie Oakley [question mark]
[bullet] John (Jack) Loizeaux [bullet] Babe Ruth
[bullet] Frederick Douglass [bullet] Sugar Ray Leonard
[bullet] Francis Scott Key [bullet] Kweisi Mfume
[bullet] Thurgood Marshall [bullet] Clara Barton
[bullet] Matthew Henson [bullet] Dashiell Hammett
[bullet] Dr. Helen Taussig [bullet] Rachel Carson
[bullet] F. Scott Fitzgerald - Signature [bullet] Lefty Grove - Grave
[bullet] Commador Joshua Barney ( portrait ) [bullet] H. L. Mencken - Signature
[bullet] Cal Ripken, Jr.
[bullet] Margaret Brent ( Image ) [question mark]
[bullet] Mary Pickersgill [bullet] Roberta Sheridan
[bullet] Lizette Reese [bullet] John Eager Howard
[bullet] Interesting People in Maryland's History
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