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Maryland produce is available at farmers' markets, roadside stands, pick-your-own farms, and certain supermarkets. You can see on the chart below, that a great variety of produce is grown.

Calendar of Maryland Harvests
Feb. 7-21 maple sap (sugar, syrup)
April 25-June 15 asparagus
May spinach
May 15-June 20 strawberries
June 1-July 1 peas (green)
June 1-Sept. 15 cabbage
June 10-July 10 cherries (sweet)
June 10-Sept. 15 beans (snap)
June 15-July 10 raspberries (black & red)
June 15-July 15 cherries (sour)
June 20-Aug. 1 blueberries
June 25-Aug. 30 beans (pole)
June 25-Sept. 1 squash (summer)
June 25-Sept. 15 corn (yellow & white)
July 1-Aug. 1 cucumbers (pickles)
July 1-Sept. 1 cucumbers
July 1-Sept. 30 potatoes
July 1-Oct. 30 honey
July 4-Sept. 1 beets
July 4-Sept. 15 tomatoes
July 5-Aug. 1 blackberries
July 5-Sept. 20 peaches
July 10-Sept. 15 carrots
July 10-Nov. 1 broccoli
July 15-Aug. 30 okra
July 15-Sept. 15 cantaloupes, plums
July 20-Aug. 30 peas (black-eyed)
July 20-Sept. 1 beans (lima)
July 21-Sept. 20 cider
July 25-Aug. 25 nectarines
July 25-Sept. 10 eggplant
July 25-Sept. 15 peppers
July 25-Oct. 1 watermelons
Aug. 1-Sept. 10 blackberries (thornless)
Aug. 1-Sept. 30 squash (winter)
Aug. 15-Sept. 20 grapes (table & wine)
Aug. 15-Oct. 15 pears
Aug. 15-Nov. 1 turnips
Aug. 15-Nov. 5 apples
Aug. 31-Sept. 25 raspberries (red)
Sept.-Oct. gourds
Sept. 5-Dec. 15 sweet potatoes
Sept. 10-Nov. 30 pumpkins
Oct.-Nov. corn (ornamental)
December Christmas trees
Harvest times are approximate as weather conditions and overpicking may affect the ripening dates and availability of fruits and vegetables.

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