Carolyn Stearns
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Carolyn Stearns lives in Deale, Maryland, and at Weslemkoon Lake, Ontario, with her husband and her special teachers: a Great Pyrenees dog Jean-Luc and two cats black Angus and calico Phoebe. She and her husband share six children and six grandchildren.

Ms. Stearns has published two books (and is working on another):

  • Spirit Walking and
  • Where Did All the Water Go?
About Where Did All the Water Go?

I live on the western shore next to the Chesapeake Bay. One morning, all I could see was mud! 'Where did all the water go?' I asked my parents. They said not to worry, the water would be back. But that didn't keep me from worrying. I worried about all the people on the Eastern Shore being flooded. I worried and I worried. When I came home from school that day . . .
The answer to this child's bewilderment is told in a story about a natural phenomenon: When a strong storm hits the Chesapeake Bay region in the wintertime, its northeast winds can push large amounts of water from the ocean up into the Bay, causing very high tides. Following the storm, the combination of a full moon, cold air, high pressure, and northwest winds can lead to the oppositewater levels so low that the water disappears from the usually shallow places, and areas that are normally underwater can be seen.

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