State Theater: Center Stage

Center Stage
Photograph courtesy of Center Stage

In 1978, Center Stage was named the State Theater of Maryland. It is a resident professional theater. (Resident theaters invite artists to perform or design costumes and sets for their productions while living in theater-provided housing while they are working there.)

Center Stage offers a six plays each season. More than 125,000 people per year attend. Productions are performed on one of two stages (the 541-seat Pearstone Theater, and the smaller Head Theater). The sets and props are made in Center Stage's own shops.

Located in downtown Baltimore, Center Stage was founded in 1963. In 1974, a huge fire destroyed the original theater. After the destruction, Center Stage rebounded by buying and partially renovating an old building which was once part of Loyola College. At its present location, the theater reopened its regular season in 1975.

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