Jennifer Heyd Wharton

Jennifer Heyd Wharton is well-known for her watercolors, murals, and illustrations. She owns her own shop in Annapolis.

Her paintings have won numerous awards from several art societies in the eastern United States. She is a member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society, and the Academy of Arts in Maryland. She is a featured artist in major galleries in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and surrounding states.

Books Illustrated by Jennifer Heyd Wharton

  • Broken Wings Will Fly written by Mick Blackistone

  • Chesapeake Bay Walk - An introduction to some of the interesting plants and animals young readers can find in and around the Chesapeake Bay. On a stroll through its pages, you can see soft-bellied bullies, birds once hunted for their feathers, crabs older than dinosaurs, and "bald" five-year-olds. You'll see different shoreline habitats such as the beach, mudflat, pier, marsh, and shallows and find out about the food chain and the changing seasons.

  • First Sail - You can learn to sail! Adam, a young boy from the city, yearns to learn how to sail. When his aunt and uncle invite him to visit one summer, his cousin Beth takes him out in her sailboat. Beth shows Adam many of the things he will need to know to become a sailorskills he must put into action when a thunderstorm arises. There are drawings, vocabulary, and interesting information about channel markers and buoys, safety equipment, a few knots and bends, something about clouds and weather, anchoring, handling sails, and even what to do when someone falls overboard!

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