Wicomico County

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Wicomico County was settled in the early 1700s, but did not become a county until 1867, when it was "cut out" of Somerset and Worcester counties. . The County was named after the Wicomico River from the Indian words "wicko" and "mekee" meaning a place where houses are built, apparently referring to an Indian town on the river banks.

Wicomico is the number one agricultural county in the State. The total land area in the county is 241,415 acres. Most of the cropland is used for corn and soybean production. Most of these crops goes toward feeding the broiler (poultry) industry. The county seat is Salisbury.

Below is some interesting census information about Wicomico County. Look at the way the county population has changed over the years!

Population Information for Wicomico County
Population % of MD Population
1790 Census Not yet a county.
1890 Census 19,930 1.9%
1990 Census 74,339 1.6%
2000 Census 84,644 1.6%

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