Where Do All These Christmas Trees Come From?

Christmas Tree Farm
Photo courtesy of Maryland Christmas Tree Association
[Christmas tree farm]

At one time, all Christmas trees were cut from natural stands (straight out of the forest). These wild trees looked nothing like today's professionally gown and trimmed trees. Today, of 34 million trees sold every year, and over 95% are shipped or sold directly from Christmas tree farms.

Usually the growing process begins in nurseries where seed is planted and grown to two-year-old seedlings. Then they are transplanted onto farms.

Do you think that's it? Actually, the work has just started. Christmas tree growing is a year-round job that takes a great deal of patience, diligence and experience. It takes an average of seven years for a tree to reach its sale HEIGHT. During those seven years, the Christmas tree must continue to be shaped and pruned to produce the lush, fully-shaped trees that people want.

There are also hazards facing the Christmas tree during its growth period:

too much or too little sun or rain;

[Christmas tree]

destruction by insects;


hale or fire;

overgrowth of brush, vines and weeds; or even


Only the best trees are selected for harvest. Once chosen, a tree is tagged, cut, bundled and loaded onto a truck or railroad car for the journey to the Christmas tree lot and finally to your home where it will continue to represent the spirit of life through your holiday season.

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