Sallie Lowenstein
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Sallie Lowenstein is the award winning author/illustrator of four illustrated novels and two picture books. Inspired by her childhood experiences in Burma, she became a professional artist at the age of fifteen and began illustrating professionally when she was nineteen. She began the art of story telling when her own children were small.

When she makes appearances, people frequently ask her why she writes and where she gets her ideas. Her answers are that she has to write because she has such an overly active imagination that the stories just keep scratching around in her brain until she lets them out. She illustrates all her books, because she sees the pictures in her mind as she writes the books and she thinks that the pictures give the stories added dimension. So even her novels are illustrated.

She never writes series, even though her readers often ask her to. Once she has finished a book, she wants to try something new, something different with the next book. Although three of her novels are science fiction (Evan's Voice - 1999, Focus - 2001 and Sender Unknown - 2003 ) and one is fantasy/mythology (The Mt. Olympus Zoo - 1997) she writes all kinds of books, including historical fiction, non fiction and essays. Copies of her books can be found all over the world, in libraries, schools and private collections.

Ms. Lowenstein also leads on-going groups of kids and teens on their quests to explore the world of writing. She works with students and their teachers in email conversations with classes that read her books if they are too far away for a visit. Many children send her pieces of their writing to her email address (you can use the e-mail button below) or write her about her books and she always writes them back. Getting to work with kids because of her writing is a little extra bonus that makes being a writer and illustrator even more wondrous.

Ms. Lowenstein and some of the people she works with on writing.

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