Maryland's Time Line
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Before the 15th Century
c. 10,000 B.C. First humans arrived by this date in the land that would become Maryland.
c. 1200. Permanent Native-American villages established.
15th Century
1498 John Cabot sailed along Eastern Shore off present-day Worcester County.
16th Century
1524 Giovanni da Verrazano passed mouth of Chesapeake Bay.
17th Century
1608 Capt. John Smith explored Chesapeake Bay.
1629 George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore, left Avalon in Newfoundland, visited Virginia.
1631 Kent Island settled by Virginians under William Claiborne.
1632, June 20 Maryland Charter granted to Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore, by Charles I, King of Great Britain and Ireland.
1633, Nov. 22. The Ark and the Dove set sail from Cowes, England, for Maryland.
1634, March 25 Landing of settlers at St. Clement's Island.
1634/5, Feb. 26 First General Assembly met at St. Mary's City .
1647/8, Jan. 21 Margaret Brent denied right to vote in General Assembly.
1649, April 21 A law was made to give everyone religious freedom in Maryland.
1664 Slavery permitted by law; slaves to serve for life.
1694/5, Feb Capital moved from St. Mary's City to Annapolis .
18th Century
1727, Sept. Maryland Gazette began publication at Annapolis.
1729 Baltimore Town established.
1763-1767 Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon surveyed boundary line with Pennsylvania.
1772, March 28 Cornerstone laid for State House in Annapolis.
1774, Oct. 19 Burning of the Peggy Stewart in Annapolis harbor.
1776, July 4 Declaration of Independence adopted in Philadelphia. Engrossed copy signed by Marylanders W illiam Paca, Ch arles Carroll of Carrollton, Thomas Stone, and Samuel Chase .
1776, July 6 Maryland Convention declared independence from Great Britain.
1776, Aug. 14-Nov. 11 Constitutional Convention of 1776 (meeting of Ninth Provincial Convention).
1776, Aug. 27 Maryland soldiers fought at Battle of Long Island and continued to engage the British at later battles, including White Plains, and Harlem HEIGHTs.
1776, Dec. 20 to 1997 March 4. Continental Congress met at Baltimore.
1777, Feb. 5 First General Assembly elected under State Constitution of 1776 met at Annapolis.
1777, March 21 Inauguration of Thomas Johnson, first governor elected by General Assembly. Council of Safety disbands.
1777, Sept. 11 Maryland soldiers fought at Battle of Brandywine in Pennsylvania.
1780, Aug. 16 In South Carolina, Maryland soldiers fought at Battle of Camden.
1781, Jan. 17 Maryland soldiers fought at Battle of Cowpens in South Carolina.
1781, March 1 Maryland ratified, and thereby made effective, the Articles of Confederation.
1781, March 15 In North Carolina, Maryland soldiers fought at Battle of Guilford Courthouse.
1781, Sept. 8 Maryland soldiers fought at Battle of Eutaw Springs in South Carolina.
1781, Nov. 5 John Hanson elected President of the United States in Congress Assembled.
1782 Washington College established at Chestertown.
1783, Nov. 26-, June 3 Continental Congress met at Annapolis.
1783, Dec. 23 George Washington resigned commission as commander in chief of Continental Army at State House in Annapolis.
1784 St. John's College established at Annapolis.
1784, Jan. 14 Treaty of Paris, ending Revolutionary War, ratified by Congress at Annapolis.
1787, Sept. 17 U.S. Constitution signed by Marylanders Daniel Carroll, James McHenry, and Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, at Philadelphia.
1788, April 28 Maryland, the seventh state, ratified U.S. Constitution.
1789, Dec. 19 Maryland ratified federal Bill of Rights, first ten amendments to U.S. Constitution.
1791, Dec. 19 Maryland gave land for District of Columbia.
1796 Baltimore City incorporated.
19th Century
1802 It was made unnecessary to own property in order to vote.
1803 Voting by voice at elections changed to voting by ballot.
1810 Vote taken from free blacks.
1814, Aug. 24 Battle of Bladensburg .
1814, Sept. 12 British repulsed at Battle of North Point .
1814, Sept. 13 Bombardment of Fort McHenry, inspiring Francis Scott Key to write " Star-Spangled Banner ."
1818 National Road completed from Cumberland to Wheeling, West Virginia.
1824-1829 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal constructed through Cecil County to link Chesapeake Bay with Delaware River.
1827, Feb. 28 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad chartered.
1828-1848 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal constructed (to Cumberland by 1848).
1844, May 24 Samuel F. B. Morse demonstrated telegraph line from Washington, DC, to Baltimore.
1845, Oct. 10 U.S. Naval Academy founded at Annapolis.
1859, Oct. 6 Ma ryland Agricultural College opened at College Park.
1859, Oct. 16 John Brown launched raid from Maryland on federal arsenal in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.
1861, April 26 General Assembly met in special session at Frederick while federal troops occupied Annapolis.
1861, May 13 Gen. Benjamin F. Butler's Union forces occupied Baltimore.
1862, Sept. 17 Battle of Antietam .
1863, June Confederates invaded Maryland on their way to Gettysburg .
1864, July 6 Hagerstown held for ransom by Confederates.
1864, July 9 Frederick held for ransom by Confederates.
1864, July 9 Battle of Monocacy.
1864, Nov. 1 Maryland slaves emancipated by State Constitution of 1864.
1886, Jan. 5 Enoch Pratt Free Library opened in Baltimore.
1888-1889 Oyster Wars; Maryland and Virginia watermen fought on Chesapeake Bay.
1890 Vote by secret ballot in elections adopted.
1893, Oct The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine opened in Baltimore.
1894 First child labor law passed.
20th Century
1902 Compulsory school attendance law passed.
1904, Feb. 7 Baltimore fire. Seventy blocks in heart of business district devastated.
1909, April 6 Matthew Henson, of Charles County, reached North Pole with Robert Peary.
1917 Aberdeen Proving Ground, first testing center of U.S. Army, established.
1920, Nov. 2 Women voted for the first time in Maryland.
1931, March 3 " Star-Spangled Banner " adopted as national anthem.
1937, June 1 City of Greenbelt chartered, a New Deal model community.
1938, June National Institutes of Health established in Bethesda.
1941, Dec. 7 U.S.S. Maryland among naval ships attacked at Pearl Harbor.
1944 Blue-baby operation developed at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, pioneering heart surgery era.
1947, July 1 State sales tax instituted.
1950, June 24 Friendship International Airport - now Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) began operation. (Click on the suitcase after you use this link.)
1952, July 31 Chesapeake Bay Bridge opened.
1955, Sept Desegregation of public schools begun.
1956 Voting machines used for elections throughout State.
1957, Nov. 30 Baltimore Harbor Tunnel opened.
1959, May Goddard Space Flight Center opened in Greenbelt.
1972, Nov 7 First general election in Maryland where lowering of voting age to 18 years of age or older applied.
1973 Second parallel Chesapeake Bay Bridge opened.
1973 Urban "homesteading" begun in Baltimore. City sold abandoned houses for $1 each to encourage renovation.
1975, May Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant began operation in Calvert County.
1976 Maryland Science Center opened in Baltimore.
1980 Maryland and Virginia established Chesapeake Bay Commission to coordinate work to restore Bay resources.
1981 National Aquarium opened in Baltimore.
1983, Dec. 9 Chesapeake Bay Agreement to improve water quality and living resources of Bay signed by Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, District of Columbia, Chesapeake Bay Commission, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
1985 Pennsylvania joined Chesapeake Bay Commission.
1985, Nov. 24 Fort McHenry Tunnel opened.
1987, Dec. 14 Chesapeake Bay Agreement to restore and protect Bay signed by Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, District of Columbia, Chesapeake Bay Commission, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
1992, April 6 Oriole Park at Camden Yards, a stadium for the Baltimore Orioles baseball team, opened in downtown Baltimore City.
1993, Sept. 10 Chesapeake Bay Partnership Agreement, to reduce pollution in Bay's tributaries by the year 2000, signed by Governor, Maryland's 23 counties, and Baltimore City

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